THE KLOWN – New Bohemia NYE



Trapeze Worldwide/DirtyVolt Records

Based in the cartoon-infested foo’zoo known worldwide as “San Francisco,” The Klown is a double-decade veteran of the City’s revolutionary, trendsetting, underground live-music, EDM, and circus scenes, as well as one of its premier underbelly promoter-producers. In true renaissance-ape fashion, he creates his signature eclectic glitch-rich, swing-blinged, booty-rooty, bass-music mixes by tattooing bulgy-eyed goldfish with electroluminescent hieroglyphs, setting them loose in a plate-glass fishbowl brimming with proprietary LSD-laced soda water, and then monitoring their interactions and navigation patterns to derive directional inspiration. It’s dangerous work, and should never be tried at home without some kind of proper, inattentive, adult-agnostic supervision. Ever.

Along with his yeti-descended and longtime co-misadventurist Delachaux, The Klown produces and residents Trapeze Worldwide, the internationally acclaimed US-flagship bass music and burlesque showcase dance-party supremisto. He also founded and fronts the notorious electrofunk all-klown band Gooferman, co-founded the successfully degenerate all-klown marching outfit TrashKan Marchink Band, regularly works with the inimitable Vau de Vire Society, and runs the tyrannical Circus Metropolus kult and their bootyguards, The Kops. He’s also grossly misrepresented DJing and otherwise defaced musical things at venues all of the States and at all kinds of festivals — Electric Daisy Carnival, Symbiosis, New Orleans Jazz Festival, Lightning In A Bottle, Lagunitas Beer Circus, Burlesque Hall of Fame, Bumbershoot, Burning Man, The Edwardian Ball, Bohemian Carnival, and the like. While not pursuing third place with all his might, he enjoys watching humanity deal with itself, ingesting Lagunitas Brewing Co beer, monitoring UFO, bigfoot and adult-content developments, and staying up late.