:: Conandrum
(Vau de Vire)

Conandrum is an electronic music project. An artist and bon vivant from The Republic of San Francisco, Conandrum makes a variety of music that can best be described as “really heavy man”. Encompassing sounds from the experimental, acid, industrial, techno, dub, and psychedelic worlds, this music is in love with the strange unearthly sounds of the night.

Conandrum has been playing around the SF Bay Area for years under different names. Finally settling on this wicked moniker, new tracks quickly followed. Exploring the boundaries between techno and house, Conandrum plays slamming tech house with strong elements of both. Highly layered rhythmic compositions, with an emphasis on future noises. Industrial sounds, overwhelming sub bass, and synths battle for supremacy. Dream of lasers… You can always check out Conandrum.com for the freshest news!