:: Haute Mess
Brass Tax / Angels of Bass

A Bay Area native, Haute Mess (aka Kristen Sunde) began her journey as DJ and promoter in 2011 while hosting San Francisco’s absurdist monthly: Romper Room. Wild experimentation with every genre gave birth to the Haute Mess sound — accessible bass-heavy beats that send hips in motion and spread smiles across the crowd.

The romance with music began long ago, when a wee Haute yearned to be as cool as her older sister and begged for piano lessons at age 5. Classical piano, choir, vocal training, musicals, and dance performances became the norm. Fast forward to 2011 when a devotion to the dance floor found a young Haute Mess exploring the DJ Booth. Inspiring movement for the party-goer soon became an obsession.

Joining the underground party crew Brass Tax in 2012 kicked off a Haute Mess booty-shaking beat parade across the Bay Area— including monthly residencies in San Francisco at Brass Tax First Fridays at Amnesia and Bootie Mash-Up at the DNA Lounge— as well as billings at super-extravaganzas like Beats for Boobs, Supper of Survivors, Breakfast of Champions, LoveBoat, How Weird Street Faire, Daybreaker SF, and Dirtybird Campout.

In 2016 she was invited to join the all-female DJ collective Angels of bAss and began weaving her eclectic styles with producing successful philanthropic events benefiting women’s causes. The philanthropy reached new heights during Covid in 2020-2021, where live-streaming special events saw Haute Mess directing, producing, promoting, and performing in initiatives that cumulatively raised over $120k for various non-profits.

Expect a surge of energy whenever Haute Mess is on the decks. Whether it’s ramping up a festival with funky tech house or making hearts a’flutter with sexy breaks and bass at the peak of the night, Haute Mess hits the right note — bringing her dynamic flavors and exuberant vibe to special events and nightclubs in the Bay Area and beyond.