J.T.R.A.(Justin Theodore Robert Archer) Born in 1986 in Yakosuke, Japan, his tastes of music and culture vary greatly.

A multi-talented artist with varied fields of interest. His music career started off in 2005 when he joined the heavy metal group The Crashing Falcon as their bassist. During the years since, he has filled positions in jazz, funk, country, blues, and rock bands. Because of his history of producing, which he started at the age of 16, he now ventures back into the electronic world.

After a long two years of holding down the mic for a varied assortment of headliners, JTRA has finally worked his way to being the one behind the decks. Brandishing his style of experimental production mixed with his love for 808 bass, he brings a different flavor of sound.

After dabbling around in different sounds, as well as different social groups, artistic loves, and nerdy obsessions, JTRA realized the symbology of water in correspondence to life and reality. In addition with his love for the production styles of artists like Eskmo, Amon Tobin, and Aquadrop, this ideal became applied to his sound and persona. After two years of adventuring through his new persona and sound, he and HmL began the quest of defining and creating a style that they have named “Galactic”. Be on the lookout for universal sounds from this duo.