:: Major Trouble

With his heavy-hitting genre-defying signature sound, Major Trouble always rocks the dance floor! His exciting stage presence and love for playing with the crowd has fueled his rapid rise in the San Francisco dance music scene.

“I love to create a high-energy, exciting, and inclusive vibe that makes me jealous of the dancers on the floor; where I want to jump down there and join them!”

The Major has played some of the most exciting stages and festivals around the world: Space Club in Italy, The Midway in San Francisco, and Starvibes Festival – just to name a few, although his favorites are always the legendary art cars and sound camps at Burning Man. His “dirty, ratchet, booty-bass house” sound never fails to get the crowd moving, and if you see him behind the decks, you KNOW there will be Major Trouble on the dance floor!

“Music is the great equalizer, so dance like everyone is watching!