:: Zaria
Mioli Music, Occultech Recordings
Us & Them Records

Zaria is a Siberia-born, West Coast-raised melodic house and techno producer and DJ with a unique and eclectic background. Being a musician from a very young age, her influence spans many genres. She started her musical path with classical piano, ventured to play in her school orchestras, and participated in various metal bands throughout her life. Starting in 2018 she began producing her own electronic music, primarily in the melodic house and techno and deep/hypnotic techno genres. Bringing authenticity and passion to her art, she quickly progressed in her journey having released on labels such as Occultech Recordings, Us & Them Records, Three Hands Records, Suah Records, and many more within the last two years. Zaria’s goal is to connect with the listeners and dance floor through emotional, deep, cinematic, and introspective sounds.