Da Klub – Dance Floor, w/ Midnight countdown
Main Level (Northwest corner)
9:30p-10:45p – Priscilla
10:45p-12M – Drew Drop
12M-1:00am – Syd Gris
1:00a-2-ish – Major Trouble

Mioli Music – ‘The Dreamy Parlor’ w/ a Midnight Moment
Main Level (Across from Coat Check)
9:30p-11:30p – Mama Rainbow
11:30p-12:45 a- Almas
12:45a-2:30a – Emanate

Pinch of Thyme w/ a (mini) Midnight Countdown
Main Level (next to Coat Check)
9:00p-10:15p – DonOne
10:15p-11:45p – WhiskeyDevil
11:45p-1:15a – DJ Sep
1:15a-2:30a – AEØN

Variety LIVE w/ a Midnight Countdown
9:30p-10:10p – Recompression (Live)
10:25p-11:00p – Variety Show 1
11:15p-11:45p – Ferocious Few (LIVE)
11:45p-12:15p – The Klown (DJ Set)
11:55p-12:10a – Vau de Vire Countdown
12:15a-12:50a – Variety Show 2
12:50a-1:05a – The Klown (DJ Set)
1:05a-1:35a – Variety Show 3
1:35a-2:30a – Angelo Moore/The Klown (DJ Set)

Silent Disco
10:15-11:45- Vulcan
12:15-1:15 – AllieCat
1:15-2:30 – DJ Hil

Ice Skating with the Ice Queen, Melina Speers
Activated throught the night

Popup Kitchen (Food!)
Catering by Libertation Foods

Kink Lounge
Main Level (Room w Columns, southwest corner)
Activated in 2 areas in this room
9:15p – Lief Bound & Icky
9:45p – Billy Boarlet & LoLo Ramone
10p – Davey Faye, Fox Ironwood, PJ
10:30p – Shay & Insignia
10:30p – DanceHallDyke & Slab_Me_Harder
11:10p – Zei & Ash
11:15p – MrKiltYou & Mooooo
12:15a – DanceHallDyke & SluttyHands
12:30a – Christopher & RawrrrWithMe
1a – MaidMiki & G_Jessie
1:15a – Inky Void & Bound Loki
1:45a – Mooooo & tiny_teddy
2a – Shay & Angel

– Also see the adjoining Bar for Libations

Just Add Heather’s Baking Lounge
Main Level (Northeast corner with marble checkered floors) – Also has a Bar
Variety Show, Cooking Show & Live Music while actually baking stuff and amazing shenanigans
9:30p-10:45p – SET 1
10:45p-12:15a – SET 2
12:15a-2:30a – SET 3

Kitty’s Parlour of Eroticism
Main Level (off entry way)
Interactive and participative
Activated 10pm-2:00am

Red Carpet Experience with FouFou Ha!
Main Entrance
Activated 9pm-11:55 – You’re the Star!

Main Level (Next to Klub)
All Night – Painting Wall

Bohemian Bar & Lounge
Main Level (Southeast corner)
Bar & Bottle service Tables

Vault Level Big Room, aka the Rave Cave
Dance Floor & Bar, w Midnight countdown
Hosted by Gold Bloc & Disco Donutz
9:00 Matty Reyols b2b SPK
10:00 DJ Denise b2b SUPRIMO
11:00 Michael Milano
12M StephyV
1:00 B33SON b2b ADAMANT
2:00 Dollarhide b2b ROMiii
(3 – ish)

The POUND – Vault Level (Southeast corner)
Adopt a walking buddy, by the VdV Society (Must See!)
Activated 10pm-2am

Ballptism – Vault
Your Spiritual Awakening Awaits In a Spherical Splash! (fuzzy.place)
Activated 10pm-2:00am

Rage Cage – Vault
All Night (or until we are out of things to break)

Shooting Gallery – Vault
Activated 10pm-2am

Make Out Room – Vault
Chill space and Sanctuary, open all night

Photo Boof – at the Coin Press
Printable Pics and keepsakes!

Remembrance Cove – Chamber near Coin Press
An homage to the friends and family we’ve lost

Hexology – Vault
A magical musical mashup machine
Activated 10pm-2am

Tarot Vault – Vault
Activated 10pm-1:30am