What’s the Covid related policies for entrance and safety?
The Mint follows all local health guidelines for event attendance. You
must show proof of vax by photo or card, app etc to enter.  (Negative
test is not a substitute). The SF city mandate is that masks are worn
when not actively drinking or eating. If you’re concerned about
Omicron, of course we suggest you wear your mask at all times while in
crowds. N and K 95’s are showing better results than cloth masks vs
this new more contagious variant.  Live life, party safe!

That said – We know safety is a concern in these party landscape
Omicron realities!  Since we have 23 places to hang out over 2 floors,
we want you to know we have plenty of room to spread out. We also have
a reduced capacity so getting away from crowded areas of the party
will be all the easier if that’s important to you.

We also have a great tented outdoor area in the courtyard, where for
the first time we’ll have a bar so when you get a drink, you can enjoy
it (sort of) outside. (This is also where the silent disco line up
will be rocking it).

Questions? – ASK US – info@newbohemianye.com

Where can I buy tickets? Will the event sell out?
Here on Eventbrite. And yes, it usually does!

Do I need to bring a printout of my ticket(s)?
No, but it’ll help expedite things if you do. Alternatively, bring up your ticket order on your phone when you’re in line waiting and have it ready when you check in.

I bought tickets for 4 people, but 2 are arriving separately. Do they have to be with me to get in?
No, but it’ll be easier for everyone if you show up together.

What different VIP options are available?
We don’t have a separate VIP area for this show as we did before, as the space and crystallized vision of the smaller capacity don’t really lend itself to it.  That said – We do have private rooms available we can create an environment in for you and friends.  Contact us for details: info@newbohemianye.com

What are the age restrictions?

How do I get there?
Stay tuned for a detailed event layout map. The Mint is centrally located at the corner of Mission and 5th St in San Francisco, just down the street from the Powell St BART station (BART runs all night on NYE, by the by); readily accessible from highways 101 and 80, and a number of Muni bus lines, and supremely accessible by bike and taxi.  There’s a big parking garage kitty corner to venue you can park at all night (for a fee).

Is there a central Midnight Countdown?
Yes, and no.  If you haven’t been to the Mint, there are 23 activated areas and no central place for a ‘main room’ or central countdown.  That said, there are 2 big dance floors (one upstairs on the north-west corner of the building we call ‘The Klub’ and the big basement room downstairs we call ‘The Rave Cave’.  There are smaller countdowns in the ‘Live Room’ on the south east corner upstairs, in the Opulent Chill room and wherever you may be hugging your friends when the clock strikes!

What should I wear? Do I have to wear a costume?
There is no dress code—the sky’s the limit on your creativity. That being said, New Bohemia is a themed NYE party where participants are encouraged to snazz up and get in the spirit of the cross section of worlds we are creating and bringing together inside The Mint. Not a hippy-paisley Bohemia mind you, but more along the lines of the Burning Man playa meets Moulin Rouge.  A kinky, naughty twist is A-OK and encouraged, but, as much as we hate to say it, no outright nudity.

What can or can’t I bring into the event?
Nalgene-style water bottles or CamelBak-style hydration packs are cool so long as they’re empty (there’ll be tap water in some bathrooms and free water stations at some bars). As usual, you won’t be allowed to bring in your own beverages, food, recording devices, drugs or weapons of any kind. All bags, purses, backpacks, etc., will be thoroughly checked at the door.

I’m planning on bringing my SLR camera. What do I need to know?
SLR cameras are NOT allowed without a press pass, which you can inquire about here: info@newbohemianye.com. Even with a press pass, you cannot take anyone’s picture without their expressed consent.  Anyone seen taking pictures without consent of the attendees risks immediate removal from the event and confiscation of your memory card.

When should I show up, and where do I go?
Doors at 9pm.  Make the most of your night and come early to maximize your night and avoid lines.  Please don’t show up at 11:45 expecting to be in by midnight!  You risk ringing in the New year in line.

Can I get in without my ID?
No, so bring it.

How long will the line be to get in?
The earlier you arrive the shorter it will be.  That said, we can only sell a limited amount of tickets to the smaller Mint, much less than the Armory, so inevitably lines won’t be much of an issue and our team will do all we can to get you in fast!

Can I get tickets at the door?
If we haven’t sold out pre-sale – Yes.  You can check our Facebook event page day of show and night of show for updated info.

Where can I get a look at the venue layout?
We’ll be posted venue maps a day or two before the event.

How can I get bottle service or a table at NEW BOHEMIA NYE?
Only if you rent a private room, see VIP page.

Tell me about parking.
There’s a big parking garage kitty corner to venue you can park at all night (for a fee).

Is the venue wheelchair-accessible?
Yes, but let us know you’re coming as you’ll see use a different entrance than the main one with stairs.

Will there be alcohol served?
Yes, but of course! Multiple bars throughout the venue.

Should I bring cash or credit? ATMs?
Yes, yes and yes.

Are there ins and outs?
Afraid not but if you have a situation you can ask security.

What’s the bathroom situation looking like?
We’re bringing in extra to supplement the buildings so it won’t be an issue.

Will there be a coat check?
Yes, will be near entrance when you come in.

Is there any seating available?
Yes, we’re bringing in lots of furniture for lounging options and sitting.

Is there an outdoor smoking area?
Yes, but not on the courtyard.  It’s outside on the ground level (off main Vault hallway), but only opens after 12M!

What do I do if I find or lose something at the party?
Check at Coat Check for Lost & Found

More questions?
Write us!  info@newbohemianye.com