quetzal-kahloQuetzal Kahlo is a curandera, Tarot reader, herbalist, oracle, medium, artist, dancer, musician, designer, and ex-scientist .  She has been a witch all her life, having inherited curanderismo through her paternal great great grandmother and great aunt. Officially she has been studying Neo Pagan Polytheism for about 5 years and is a High Priestess in Come As You Are Pagan Congregation in the Bay Area, CA.  She is also Initiate of the Ifa tradition under Iyanifa Ifalade Ta’Shia Ashanti of Ile Ore Ogbe Egun.

Using meditation techniques and a deep connection with Divinity, Quetzal helps clients see the whole picture of what might be troubling them.  She taps into the quantum sea and helps unearth the root of where concerns lie.  A reading with her is like being hugged by the Universe, as she helps her clients see the beautiful spirits that they are.