:: ArtIsMobilUs
Richard Art Felix

The ArtIsMobilUs / EverybodyCanPaint project is all  about bringing all people together to have fun, to share community, to think, create, paint, and/or write together in LIVE real-time collaboration…together.

It’s always fun, beautiful, and inspiring to create together. We are excited about creating together as we welcome this new year with all of you and the New Bohemia NYE Family. 

Inspired by the Ten Principals and community of Burning Man, the ArtIsMobilUs project from artist Richard Art Felix has engaged over 200,000 people in interactive, inclusive, collaborative art creation, collaborated with galleries and arts non-profits, and participated in upwards of 400 artwalks, art festivals, arts events, community events, conferences, activations, and private art events combined.

Please check out the ArtIsMobilUs Pages on Instagram (@artismobilus) and Facebook to see more and  find out more about us and what we do.

Hope you enjoy this new video about EverybodyCanPaint on Youtube.

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