Cptn Jay has been DJing, producing unique event experiences, and enabling general merriment in the Bay Area for over 20 years. Starting his journey in the 90s San Francisco rave scene with a handful of German techno and trance tapes, Jay quickly hit all the checkpoints from dance music super fan to DJ to event producer to Burring Man them camp organizer.

Now as one the co-founders and the event manager of influential Airpusher Collective, a premiere Burning Man art car/community/sound & events collective, Cptn Jay has been able to fully realize his two-decades-long quest of inspiring and connecting people through art, music, and dance. Over the years his parties have become known for their perfect blend of amazing music, infectious positivity, and creative flair across the spectrum from small undergrounds to big productions like the Steampunk Masquerade.

As a DJ, Cptn Jay lives to connect with the crowd and take the dancefloor on a musical journey during his sets. Occupying a unique space between European techno, funky deep house, and progressive melodic sounds, Jay’s music is filled with rhythm, soul, positive good vibes and a certain refinement that has gotten him noticed as one of the West Coast’s rising DJ talents. Obsessed with putting the “dance” back into “dance music” Jay consistently moves crowds to higher places on dance floors all over the world. From the deserts of Burning Man to the island of Ibiza, Cptn Jay has shared stages many of the world’s top DJ talent including Carl Cox, Giome, DJ Dan, Developer, Gigamesh, Tycho, Christain Martin, Soul Button, Miyagi, DJ Mes and many more.