Hil Huerta was introduced to club music in the early 80’s by his cousin, Eddie Garcia (aka Eddie Def). He began DJing on a set of used decks when he was 11 years old.

By 1986, while still in middle school, Hil had begun throwing and promoting parties, playing a mix of freestyle, hip hop, and early house music.

Hil’s drive and love of dance music has not abated. Now one of the Bay Area’s top promoters and still a top-notch DJ, Hil is know for his eclectic house music sets, ranging from funky cuts to electro-fueled tech house to progressive grooves. Of course, says Hil, “I still have all of my old stuff, so you never know when I might throw in something classic.”

Of course, all of this musical diversity serves a purpose. While some DJ’s will play a singular type of music to a crowd that’s not enjoying it, Hil has a deeper appreciation for dancers and wants to make sure everyone has a good time. As he says “I play every level of house music, just to keep the crowd moving.”

In his continuing quest to keep the crowd moving, Hil divides his time between DJing,

running a successful promotions company, and working in the studio. producing music with Homero Espinosa of Moulton Music.

He is currently rotating bookings with: Opulent Temple, Opel Production, f8, Comfort & Joy, ClubSix, Beats Drop Cancer, Space 550, and a number of Burning Man related events on and off Playa.