Asian Dub System

Composer, producer and performer JEF STOTT has been deftly navigating the realms of world fusion electronic music for nearly two decades, where he has consistently been at the forefront of the International Global Bass movement. His sound is a conscious blend of the best in global bass culture which simultaneously reaches back to ancient traditions while pushing the future of music forward.

Jef has released over a dozen full length albums, several singles and remixes on Six Degrees Records and various other labels and has had many placements and commissions in major film and television, video games and multimedia projects. Jef has been affiliated with Burning Man and many large scale sound camps for over 20 years. He is a regular performer at international music festivals, underground events and Ecstatic Dance events around the world.

Jef Stott’s DJ sets bring a sense of tribal community to the dance floor with dynamic live instrumentation and top shelf musicality from guest performers interplaying with original tracks and live remixes. The arc of his performances can range from the most delicate acoustic and ambient moments to the chakra blasting intensity of peak hour sonic bliss. He is intuitively sensitive to the collective emotion of a moving dance floor.