:: Richard Mixon
Opulent Temple

Richard Mixon humbly began like so many DJ’s before him in the bedroom of his friend’s house on two Technics. The ever-classic sound of the mid 90’s beckoned him, the excitement of finding that hidden gem white label so alluring that before long a new DJ was born.  Today the soul of DJ and crowd alike are reflected in every one of Richard’s performances, his love for funky, soulful, ever-expressive house beats undeniable. Encompassing elements of deep, tech, and jackin house, his adherence to a code of “music before genres” pilots each dancefloor on a rhythmic journey.

In 2008 Richard and four other DJs threw the first “BUMP” event at Lake Tulloch in Northern CA.  No produced by Richard’s affiliate Random Nights, there were over 6,000 in attendance in 2016.  In 2014, Richard and the other members of Thor Productions built the White Ocean sound camp at Burning Man, the all-steel “A3” stage being among the largest camp-built sound structures at the event to date. A love of all-things analog inspired Richard to found rotarykits.com in 2016, a company specializing in the manufacturing of user-installable rotary kits for the popular Pioneer club DJ mixers.

As of 2018, Richard Mixon is a proud affiliate of Opulent Temple, Red Monkey, and Random Nights, and a resident of Monroe SF’s Early Dawn Sunday sunrise parties.