The Beautiful Jewels (aka Jewels Good) performs to critical acclaim throughout the world. Each of her performances is a mix of couture styling, unusual stunts, comedy and a delightfully charismatic personality.

She was born in Russia, raised in Sweden and England, her international upbringing has prepared her to be an extraordinary global artist. For almost two decades, The Beautiful Jewels has toured with great success throughout 22 countries. She is fluent in four languages, but can perform her show in eight. Being one of the last surviving female sword swallowers, she is always in demand as she holds several world records for her skills. As well as sword swallowing, The Beautiful Jewels performs mind bending acts of magic.

Jewels’ acts delight audiences in TV shows, gala events, cabarets, varieté theaters and festivals worldwide. From royal families and presidents, art and fashion events, to charity performances in Cambodian refugee camps The Beautiful Jewels has captivated her audiences and left them spellbound. In addition to her solo acts, Jewels has collaborated with other top performance artists and celebrities with spectacular results. She has been photographed and documented by journalists, photographers and artists to name but a few David Lynch, Roxanne Lewit, Ana Finel Honigmann, Kurt Aeschbacher and others. A true symbol of unique style, The Beautiful Jewels combines vintage and modern fashion with a fresh and innovative approach to performance art, and has become a muse to many artists.

Her performances will undoubtedly leave you in awe. See first hand why she is known as “the Queen of unexpected presentations”.