Vesper Synd, the “psychotic erotique,” is a purveyor of provocative performance that leaves her audiences seduced and just slightly scared. A tour de force on stage, she delights in blowing up taboos and social constructs in a blaze of glory, using herself as the explosive.

Praised for her creativity, powerful portrayals, engaged focus, and ability to command an audience, Vesper has created distinctive characters and acts for world-renowned avant garde circus troupe Lucent Dossier Experience, award-winning festival experience designer Nova Han Productions, and international EDM powerhouse Insomniac Events. You will usually find her dancing on the side of walls, roaming the crowd in an outrageous self-styled costume, towering over an audience on stilts, wielding swords and swirling silk veils, or exploring the dark side of desire in BDSM and fetish themed performances.

When Vesper is not lending her titillating talents to the Vau de Vire Society for New Bohemia NYE, The Edwardian Ball, and other events, she lives and works in Europe as an active and cultural tour leader.