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Few artists can truly claim to have gotten their start in music since “day one”, however, Kazbah’s head resident DJ, Ali Khalili, can confidently make that statement. His earliest memories revolve around his parents constantly playing The Moody Blues, Grover T. Washington Jr., and Bill Withers records for him. And as any child at that [...]

ALI KAHLILI 2017-12-04T21:59:47+00:00

Nona Fender & the Benders

NONA FENDER & the BENDERS is a wildly unique, radically inclusive, interactive live music & movement experience that playfully weaves the sacred & profane for a frequency raising celebration of life in a body!  The Benders raucous whimsy carries you high & low in waves of musical ecstasy, deep reflection, and down & dirty playful [...]

Nona Fender & the Benders 2017-11-18T02:39:23+00:00


Ever since DJ Brian Williams could remember, he has had a deep passion for music. Having been influenced by many different genres of music during the very early years of his life, in his early twenty’s he was introduced to house music, and instantly felt a deep connection with what he was hearing. But [...]

BRIAN WILLIAMS 2017-11-18T02:40:13+00:00


Why do we dance? What started as a curiosity in the San Francisco underground rave scene has turned into a life-long obsession. Equal parts observer, story teller, and mad scientist, Cptn Jay has been moving dance floors all around the world since those first vinyl sets in 1998, all in his never ending quest [...]

CPTN JAY 2017-11-18T03:14:59+00:00


jæ went to her first house show with a fake ID and never looked back. A classically trained musician and award-winning writer, she grew up in the punk and house scene in New York. She continues to view music from the boundary-pushing, inclusive mindset of her youth. Her influences include punk, funk, industrial, tribal, [...]

JAE 2017-11-18T06:50:05+00:00


We’re glad to present to you San Francisco based DJ and large-scale dance party event producer, Oona X. Oona's passion for DJ'ing began with her first love - the dance floor. Since making her journey from dance floor enthusiast to the decks, her sets are inspired by a broad range of musical genres and [...]

OONA X 2017-11-18T06:49:49+00:00


Conandrum has been playing around the SF Bay Area for years under different names. Finally settling on this wicked moniker, new tracks quickly followed. His first EP was released on Power House records, available on Beatport, iTunes, etc. and new music has been quietly released on SoundCloud and YouTube. Exploring the boundaries between techno [...]

CONANDRUM 2017-11-18T06:49:55+00:00


Born and raised in the abundant music culture of Northern California, Filthy Mitch was exposed to a wide array of quality sound ranging from disco all the way to hardcore metal. In 1998 his elder brother introduced him to the likes of Sasha, Digweed, The Avalanches, and Dj Shadow... it was all downhill from [...]

FILTHY MITCH 2017-11-18T06:50:01+00:00

Grumpy Princess

Grumpy Princess is a terrible princess.  I mean a fucking elegant and ladylike princess.  I mean a metaphor for subverting your expectations of idealized femininity.  I mean... what? Come have a MAD tea party with Her Royal Highness. Glitter-phobic and people who don't like screaming need not apply. HEY.  I’m a princess.  Which is supposedly [...]

Grumpy Princess 2017-11-19T20:39:34+00:00


The long running fire and big beats offering that is Opulent Temple is taking 2017 off from the burn this year to focus on a proper expanded creation in 2018.   Some members still going to BM have dreamed up this side project to provide a sanctuary of chill vibes, dance performance, music and gathering. [...]

OPULENT CHILL 2017-11-18T03:41:11+00:00