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CPTN JAY Airpusher Cptn Jay has been DJing, producing unique event experiences, and enabling general merriment in the Bay Area for over 20 years. Starting his journey in the 90s San Francisco rave scene with a handful of German techno and trance tapes, Jay quickly hit all the checkpoints from dance music [...]

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ALASTAIR Icarus / Philosophy Originally from Glasgow Scotland, Alastair has almost as much whiskey as he does electronic music running through his veins. His inventive style vaporizes minds on dance floors throughout San Francisco, Burning Man and beyond. Alastair tastefully blends the sounds of smooth Deep House with the rolling melodies of [...]



VOURTEQUE Dead 2 Me Records / Calliope Present Vourteque is one of America’s premiere bass, electro swing and neo-vintage DJs. He specializes in fusing glitch hop, swing, moombah, big band, breakbeats, blues, soul, funk, and house elements all together in one neo vintage fever dream. He’s performed at events and festivals throughout the [...]



DAMIAN ARDENNE Kites by Nightfall | Quiero Recordings UK-born DJ & producer with 20 years of journey building experience. Musical focus rooted in shamanic tradition, echoes from world cultures, and modern synthesis. Active collaborative projects span Portugal, Italy, and Mexico City.  Upcoming label releases due out on Quiero Recordings and Cafe de Anatolia. [...]

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ZARA MEZ Funky Teknomics Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Zara Mez entered the San Francisco music scene in the fall of 2016. Zara is known for genre bending and versatility from deep, vocal, funky and tech house to nu disco, and techno. Zara quickly found a home in San Francisco's dance music [...]

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SHOVELMAN Surrealist Folk-Superhero "Shovelman has forged a perfect merger of the past and the present with his bluesy 'folktronic' sound." - LA Weekly



RICHARD MIXON Richard Mixon humbly began like so many DJ’s before him in the bedroom of his friend's house on two Technics. The ever-classic sound of the mid 90's beckoned him, the excitement of finding that hidden gem white label so alluring that before long a new DJ was born.  Today the [...]

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Rooz is a DJ, promoter, and major advocate of underground electronic music in San Francisco. Rooz is known for his late night trippy house and techno sets at underground warehouse parties across SF. With regular residencies and appearances at San Francisco’s house music nightclubs since 1999. You can catch Rooz opening for underground house [...]



Over the last two years, San Francisco native Alex Sibley has solidified his name in the tech house / techno community by releasing music on some of the genre's most respected labels, gaining support from the heavyweights of the scene, and being booked for massive shows across the US and beyond. Alex's debut EP [...]

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GOOFERMAN Behold Gooferman, an ever-morphing micro circus of klown-fi and wanton circus performers built on an entirely unique bedrock of breakbeat, funk, drum & bass, reggaeton, rock, hip hop, and whirled beat, all parlayed to the audiences of the world by a new-fangled, super-styled breed of klown. Gooferman’s performed throughout the US [...]